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Water Restrictions Hamper Homeowners and Bathroom Remodeling Can Help

South Florida’s record-breaking dry season has prompted the South Florida Water Management District to restrict landscape watering to twice a week for 16 counties. Some balk at this, as they see golf courses and developments ignoring the rules –  trying to protect their landscaping investment.

Many residents choose to ignore the rules as well. Delray Beach was hit with 322 citations in 2009, when the twice-a-week limit was first imposed, and Wellington gave out 359 warnings.

Delray Beach is adding a 15% surcharge to next month’s utility bill for those who use over 15,000 gallons, according to the Palm Beach Post.

South Floridians use 179 gallons per day, the water district says, half of which is used for irrigation.

How do you conserve water?

The biggest source of water use in your house is the toilet. Replacing an old toilet with a dual flush or high efficiency toilet can save an average family of four 17,000 gallons of water per year. Toilets made before 1993 generally use 3.5 gallons per flush vs. the standard today, which uses 1.6 gpf.

Older faucets tend to leak because of old gaskets, washers, o-rings or corroded valve seats. New faucets are “washerless,” which means the parts will last longer.

Some inexpensive ways to conserve water in your home:

  • Check toilets, faucets & tubing for leaks
  • Replace the toilet flapper if leaking (place food dye in the tank and see if it colors the bowl after 15 minutes)
  • Install low-flow faucet aerators in your faucets & showerheads
  • Check for broken, misaligned or blocked sprinkler heads in your irrigation system
  • Water flowers and shrubs with a watering can rather than a hose

Read more water savings tips at H2ouse.org. 

How bathroom remodeling can help.

If you’ve been thinking anyway about remodeling your bathroom, then conserving water is yet another great reason to get started.  Not only will you be able to beautify your home with new tile, lighting, flooring, paint, tub or a walk-in shower unit – along with some new paint as needed – you’ll be able to replace your toilets and faucets with new water-conserving plumbing fixtures that are good for the environment and your monthly water bills.

If it’s time to do some bathroom remodeling that will help you conserve water, then give us a at call at 561-309-0134.

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